SecurePay Application Configuration

Access SecurePay App Settings

  1. From the SecurePay home screen, touch the cog wheel icon ( Cogwheel icon ) at the top-right of the screen.
  2. The FUNCTIONS menu will be displayed. Touch the CONFIGURATION button.
    Homescreen - Highlight Cog Wheel

    Red Arrow

    SecurePay Functions Menu
  3. You will be prompted to enter a password before you can access settings. Enter the password and press the OK key.
  4. The SETTINGS screen will be displayed.
    SecurePay Settings Password

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    SecurePay Basic Settings
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NOTE: The default password after a new installation is 1234.


Basic Settings

SecurePay Settings - Basic

IP Address

This is the IP address currently assigned to the payment terminal.

Advanced Settings

Touch this link to access the Advanced Settings screen.

Functions Menu

Touch this link to access the Functions Menu screen.


Touch this button to return to the home screen.

Configure Advanced Settings

SecurePay Advanced Settings (top half)
SecurePay Advanced Settings (bottom half)

Setting Password

Configure the password used to access settings. This is also the password that will be requested if the customer enters a tip amount that exceeds the Tip Threshold.


Enable this option to have the SecurePay application prompt for tip entry. Disable this option to prevent tip entry. Disabling this option will also hide all the tip-related options below.

Tip Preset (Select percentages)

Configure preset tip percentages that the customer will see when prompted for tip. Up to 3 presets can be configured. If you do not wish to use all of them, presets that are set to 0% will not be displayed to the customer.

Tip Preset Text Size

Select the text size used to display preset tip percentages. Available choices are Normal, Medium and Large.

Tip Threshold

Enter the maximum allowed tip percentage. Any tip amount that exceeds this percentage will require the settings password to be entered.  Setting the percentage to 0% disables the tip threshold validation.

Enable Confirmation

Enable this option to present a dedicated tip confirmation screen for the customer. If this option is disabled, the tip confirmation screen will be skipped when selecting a tip preset or the NO TIP option. If using custom $ or custom % with this option disabled, the tip amount, percentages and resulting totals will be updated in real-time as the customer types the numbers in, but no additional confirmation screen will be presented before the actual payment.

Auto Start

Enable this option to have the SecurePay application start automatically when powering on the payment terminal.

Request Preauth Before Void

This option is used to determine the behaviour of incremental preauthorizations for bar tabs, when the sale amount exceeds the original preauth amount.

When this option is enabled, a new preauth request will be processed before voiding the old one. The advantage is that the merchant will know for sure that the new preauth is approved before voiding the old one. However, there is a risk that the new preauth could be declined, due to the card's credit limit being exceeded, as both preauths will coexist until the original preauth is voided.

When this option is disabled, the original preauth will be voided before the request for the new preauth is made. With this method, the risk of getting a decline is somewhat lower, but still exists nonetheless. As the new preauth amount is generally higher than the original preauth amount, it could potentially exceed the card's credit limit.

Exit Password Required

With this option enabled, the SecurePay application will request the settings password before closing.


Select the default currency for your region. Supported currencies are:

Enable No-Password Menu

Enable this option to allow users to access a simplified version of the Functions menu without entering a password. This menu is accessed by touching the cog wheel icon ( Cogwheel icon ) at the top-right of the home screen.  Enabling this option will also unlock access to the Allow Reports Printing and Allow Receipt Reprinting options below.

Allow Reports Printing

Enable this option to allow users to access and print the Detailed Report and Summary Report from the No-password menu. If this option is disabled, the reports can still be printed from the FUNCTIONS menu, which requires the settings password.

Allow Receipt Reprinting

Enable this option to activate the Reprint Receipt option in the No-password menu. If this option is disabled, the receipts can still be reprinted from the FUNCTIONS menu, which requires the settings password.

Upload Logs

Enable this option to upload the SecureTable application logs to the PayFacto Cloud services. It is recommended to leave this option enabled.

Allow App Reboot

Enable this option to allow the SecurePay application to restart itself. Note that this only re-initializes the application, and does not involve a full terminal reboot.

Reboot times

This is only visible if Allow App Reboot is enabled. By default, SecurePay is preconfigured with 3 reboot time entries.

Allow Terminal Reboot

Enable this option to allow the terminal to reboot after an automatic batch settlement. It is recommended to leave this option enabled.

WiFi Settings

Use this shortcut to configure the payment terminal's WiFi settings.


Touch this button to save your changes and return to the home screen.

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NOTE: The payment terminal MUST be connected to your WiFi or Ethernet network and have internet access. Otherwise, payments cannot be processed and payment information cannot be transmitted to the POS system.

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IMPORTANT! Be sure to touch the SAVE button to save your changes. Using any other button to exit from the settings screen will discard all changes.